Saturday, December 19, 2009

Medley of Mushrooms and Sunny Side Up with Black Truffles

I never thought of mushrooms as a gift. My amazingly thoughtful friend got me mushrooms for an early Christmas present... Inside were a variety of mushrooms from Mycopia (Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.) and a small square candy box that said "smell before you eat."

The variety of mushrooms contained trumpet royale, velvet pioppini, and brown clamshell mushrooms.

I took the small chocolate truffle box out and took a whiff. BLACK TRUFFLES.

I had to make breakfast with it, but don't worry, there's more!


  1. Kidding me. Black truffle on running yolk is sooooooo deviled. Can you fedex some to OC :P? Lovely. Well done.

  2. Chikalicious-- It was sinful. I think I had my eyes closed the entire time while my mind drifted on clouds. :) Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Where is my truffle grater! Gorgeous pictures...sinful is the right word!

  4. Lostpastremembered-- Thankyou very much :) Happy Holidays!